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On this page, you will find a variety of video help tutorials. We try to keep them short, the time is listed in parenthesis after the video title.

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Creating A User (1:14)

This video shows the user creation process on the 6.0 version of our website.

Using Tag Editor (8:15)

We have a great free design tool called TagEditor. You can download it free from our web site (login required). This video tutorial shows you some of the features of this great tool.

Pricing A Starter Kit (1:00)

Wondering what you need for a budget for a new Pathtag? We have a tool that can help with that. This quick video shows you how!

Ordering A Starter Kit (8:12)

Need some help navigating the ordering page for a new starter kit? This is your helper right here! ~8 minutes and we'll walk you through the entire process.

Ordering A Starter Kit Without A Design(1:05)

Ever see a great special you want to get in on but don't have a design ready to go? Use this pro tip to get the promo and give yourself up to 45 days to finalize the order.

How PathCash Works - Buying, Using, Exchanging (1:05)

A quick overview of how to purchase, give, redeem, use and exchange PathCash. PathCash is the versatile virtual currency of PathCash.com

How To Manage Trades (11:32)

In this video we'll walk through how to initiate trades the traditional way. If you're looking for how to do wishlist trading - there is another video for that.

Wishlist Trading Tutorial

You don't have to own your own tag design to enjoy the fun of Pathtag trading by mail! This tutorial will show you how to user our wishlist features to get in on the action today!

Fast Labels Tutorial

If you do a lot of trading you have to check out our Fast Labels feature. Simply highlight an address in an offer or accept message and a mailing label or envelop is made for you. You can then print your outgoing trade labels and envelops quickly. A HUGE time saver for the busy trader.

Multiple Tag Logging

If you went to an event, you may have come home with literally hundreds of tags to log. Our multi-logging tool can really make this process easier.

Logging Pathtags

If you found a tag, you'll want to log it of course! This quick video walks you through that process.

Editing A Tag Profile and Name

This video is a little dated now, but you still follow the same basic process to update a tag's name and profile text.

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